The geographical location of our guesthouse, the silence of the forest and the rich air swirling through the pines all all contribute to a relaxed rest.

Accommodation can be provided in four three-bed rooms for 12 people.

Our rooms have separate baths and toilets. Two rooms have a French bed and 1 bed and a panoramic terrace overlooking the valley of Kászon, and the other two rooms have three single beds each.

In spite of the forest context, there is also Internet access and a TV.

Our guests can use the kitchen of our guesthouse, the garden grill. We provide breakfast, half board or full board at an extra charge.


Apart from the tasty Italian coffee, our guests can try our selection of local spirits and beer specialties. Among our excellent wine collection, I would mention the ones from Ménes, at the foot of the Arad hills, which are considered one of the finest wines of Transylvania. I would also like to write freshly prepared syrups and lemonades on the list of local flavors.

Our revolutionary cafe can accommodate 25 people comfortably, and the terrace can accommodate up to 51 people.

Our demanding musical repertoire encompasses the style of folk and patriotic rock music, recalling the historical events of old times.

Our food supply is based mainly on the needs of the Székely people. In addition to grilled dishes, we serve single-course meals in a pot. For our pre-booked guests we will serve a multi-course menu based on previous consultation.


During our hikes you will not only have an unforgettable, carefree relaxation, but you can also explore the area more closely.

You can dive into the mystic world of the idyllic Bálványos Castle and St. Anna Lake. We can go to the valley of Úz, where one of the most beautiful parts of the Csíki mountains can be found.


Along with natural wonders, we can recall our historical past and walk through the memories of the Hungarian military.